SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD, a novel by Johnny Barnes




SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD  is a classic Boston murder
mystery that continues where DEAD MEN TALK leaves off.  It is
the further adventures of Private Investigator and ex-cop Jack

This time, Kelly is exposed to a more depraved side of the
cutthroat business of the cheap detective.  It is a story of
greed and lust, set against a backdrop of blues, jazz music,
and the incredibly rich and dirt poor neighborhoods of
Boston.  As is usual with Jack Kelly, the bodies start to pile up.
And as always, the salty and realistic dialogue pierce the mind
and heart.  But this time, a young girl’s life is held in a death
trap.  Her time is running out.

In this action packed thriller, Kelly and his usual cast of
characters: his girlfriend Lieutenant Jessica Paris and his best
friend Willie “The Musician” Crawford utilize some classic
hard-nosed police work to uncover a sinister plot involving
multiple murders and a fortune of oceanic proportions.  And
there are sharks in the water.

This bold modern mystery is cutting edge, both fast and
irreverently funny.  SLEEP WHEN I’M DEAD reads like a fresh
and brazen film noir and will translate well into film.

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